Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joyce Plates

I mentioned in the Sangwich post about the plates my grandmother painted for me, and here is a picture of my favorite ones.
Grandma Joyce held a loose brush and let the brush design the flowers and leaves. She could finish a plate in less than 10 minutes. They are so free and lovely.
A treasure to cherish. Unfortunately they are beginning to chip in places and every time I entertain the idea of storing them for special occasions only, I get sad. That storage place isn't for special occasions, it is for dusting off and reconsidering, and repacking only to re-find years and years later.

And every time I think about boxing them up, I hear Grandma saying, "oh, Nooooo" and making that face she always did when she disagreed.

Grandma Joyce had many health issues at the end of her life and I made the decision to fly from Chicago to Buffalo to visit her in the hospital. She couldn't talk (she may have had a breathing tube, can't remember) and my mom and I were visiting with her telling her about life and the beautiful weather we were having.

In true 'Joyce' form, she wrote down on paper: Go out in sunshine. She never wanted any one to take care of her and certainly didn't want anyone to waste time in a hospital talking at a sick woman.

That was the last I talked with Grandma. She died two days later.

And as the spring comes, along with more sunshine and tiny flower buds and petals, I think of Grandma.


Go out in sunshine.


paperhill said...

those dishes are just lovely. my grandma died two years ago also. i miss her all the time.

Jill said...

I miss her too, Carrie. Such a nice post. :o)