Monday, March 23, 2009

The Almost Perfect Sangwich

Once I started the gluten free diet, sandwiches were no longer on the menu. Gluten Free bread is one of the hardest things to match or be even palatable to the angry, body wrecking gluten bread.

Things have changed. This frozed bread from Glutino is a decent substitute to any bad gluten bread, aside from the 'must toast' rule. Perhaps it is only a good match because gluten bread is so foreign to me I have forgotten what is 'should' taste like.

But this is my gluten free turkey cheddar lettuce tomato on fiber bread sangwich. 'Cause it's only a sangwich when it is this good. (hey, Keith!)

And the plate that you can barely see, hand painted by my dear Grandmother Joyce. I worked at a large craft warehouse type store for a while and I would buy the plates and leave them for my grandma to come in and paint them. These plates were a winner for everyone. I have these amazing plates, she had something to do for free to get out of the house and everyone at the store adored her work and her company (at least they told me they did). I miss you Grandma Joyce!

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