Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Face or Not to Face...To Face

It was back in mid October when I showed you these faceless gals. I was so petrified of wrecking these with my poor painting skills. I considered leaving them blank, which personally I kind of liked. Then I thought I would embroider the faces on, I could always cut out the thread if it looked wonky. There were suggestions of using a disappearing ink marker to test the faces out, and using the Waldorf like premise and do only the eyes (maybe nose).
I had held back a armload of clothes that I bought on the sale rack in September so that I could add these girls to the package. And as I was looking for a pair of jeans of mine that I 'lost' I found the pile of clothes, some of them newborn size...those obviously are now a wasted.
With the little girlie clothes in hand, I ran down stairs and got the dolls, a scrap of fabric, paintbrush and two fabric paints. It took me 17 minutes. Total. 17 minutes that I dreaded for 3 entire months!
So, here they are. I think they are adorable. The brunette's smile is a little quirky and cute.
Her smile kind of reminds me of my husband's smile.
Not that he is a girl.
Or not that he is a doll.
And especially not that he is full of stuffing.


KZ Originals- Karen said...

oh you made a good choice, i do love their little eyes and mouths! you could even make their eyes blue, or green. super cute.

hope all is well with you, it has been ages since i have been on here, holidays swallowed up all my spare time to blog and lead my online life.


Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Love the little half smile! Definitely a Tom smile. Hope you are having a good start to your 2009!!