Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Never Dreamed

That with two boys, they would both be interested in anything yarn-y.
This is Little O with his pink towels, crocheting.
Well, basically he jams the big hook into a swatch I made and then pulls out a loop of yarn and says that it is broken, only to turn the hook and exclaim, "I did it, I did crochet!"
  • Please note the absence of the binky...we went cold turkey last Sunday with no problems at all aside from 1.5 hours of whining. Never a whisper of the 'binky' word since. Amazing. If you are a mom and contemplating the removal of the dreaded to you and coveted to child binky...just do it. Life is much better.

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KZ Originals- Karen said...

What a cutie pie Little O is. And that is great that he is taking an interest in what his mommy does. Too cute.

My daughter at the age of 2, came to me one day, told me to open my hand, I did, she put her "bipper" in my hand and said "no more bipper for me, me big girl". And that was the end of it.

but recently, age 6 now, she discovered an old one in a box, and wanted to try it out again. I laughed when I saw it in her mouth. ha!