Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Serious Boucle

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you loose.
My mom gave me this yarn a while back and it just sat in my drawer until last weekend. Every inch is a big puff ballI decided to give it a try. And I knew it would be hard, the wool content was only 73% with the rest being acrylic. I mixed it with a Blue English wool.
I believe that it was the English wool that makes this so frizzy. It was the same type yarn I used on the orange purse and thought that was frizzy too. Two plus two makes frizzy.
Although I like this better not felted, it feels right to be felted. It has a good 'hand' and is a great little pouch size.
Side Note: While I was backing out of my mother-in-laws driveway with both boys in the car, O asked, "Mom, can you drive nuts?"
Perhaps they really do hear everything I say.

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Lisa G at G Whiz said...

I really love how this looks! The colors are great and a bag with some good old texture is nice. Take a full sized pic! I may have my hand on my bank card for this one! Seriously - I really like it!