Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Fourth

The previously "Naked Bag" is complete and ready to make it's way to Etsy tonight, I hope. This bag makes me smile, I have a couple naming options I am still playing around with, you know how I love my names. Just a simple bag in an odd shape, fits in the hand so naturally.

I hope, because business is slow (what else is new, right?). I made a sort of deal with my husband, Tom. It was that all Etsy revenue would go to Christmas presents and it is my intention that all gifts this year, come from fellow Etsians (aside from the much requested race cars and Lego spaceships). Feel free to help me out with this!

I hope because I might be to engrossed in the Presidential counts to tear myself away from that cute fox, Anderson Cooper. Fingers crossed for some good leadership to come. CNN just had a hologram lady on...Star Trek Meets Wolf Blitzer. Or Wolf in Space.............

I hope because Tom has to print out renal slides on this computer. Renal slides. Hmmph.

Earlier this afternoon I was Instant Messaging with my pal, Meredith. I wrote something witty and she commented on my humor. I am really hoping my humor comes back, soon. I was reading my past posts and I almost fell asleep. So boring! And you are still here...reading this one! Either you are my relative or just keep hoping my writing will get better. Thanks.

On my manila folder to do list:
1. Finish 'rose' felted bag. It's bigger than my usual purses, and much stiffer. New yarn, different hook, not sure I am digging it, but it is still wet, so hard to tell.
2. Make more wash towels in smaller sizes with lower prices to be competitive with my arch nemeses on Etsy...coffee anyone?
3. Get yarn on the loom. Just over one month until the Buffalo Indie Market and I need stock!
4. Have a Woodchuck Cider.

(and not in this order, necessarily)

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