Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Deep Breath


The stock market is shifting upwards (spoke too soon?), gas prices are shifting down, the elections are over, and a Black man is to be our 44th President.

All amazing things.

But what astounds me most, is the celebrations we see of other countries celebrating with us.

Brazil, Australia, France, Japan, Kenya, India, Germany.

I understand what our country had become in the past eight years, but I did not realize the joy that Barack Obama would bring to the world over.

p.s. We missed you last night, Mr. Russert.


Longfellow said...

It was a bright shiny new morning for America and the world.

Meredith said...

Stock market shifting upwards? It was down 500 yesterday and today 300...BUT, I do agree with you that this is something special and to live in Chicago this week and see the people, is something amazing.