Sunday, November 23, 2008

The April Waggle Scene

Meet Waggle and April. I hesitated to show them off to the general public due to this family's goldfish death rate. Instead of spending twelve dollars trying to have a 5 yr old toss a dented ping pong ball into bacteria infested bowls at the overpriced mob-like carnival, we opted for the 'free fish for 12 yrs and under' at the local pet store. The boys picked out their fish in the tank and with a free Starbucks coffee with real cream and a couple black and white cookie parts for the boys, we were off. Little Man demanded to hold the fish in the car. Out of the water. Fish on hand. Poor guy.

As you can see Waggle and April are doing well, enjoying their Chicago sized dwelling. Hey, we are all downsizing these days, why shouldn't the fish?

Big Boy thought they needed company, so grabbed every frame within his grasp an made a bit of a gallery of people for the fish. They never get lonely. And yes, Lisa, that is you and me at our high school graduation a mere 19.6 yrs ago.

And this here is Pinky Dinky Doo What?

This is a take on all the $70 fabric purses on Etsy these days, which I believe to be a knock off of an Amy Butler pattern. Cute, but does it need more? I am thinking a little something at the top center where the pleat is...any thoughts?

I got the yarn wound and on the loom. I started the pattern last night after a couple transcribing issues and really like it. The warp (up and down yarn) is cadet blueish and the weft (yarn that makes the pattern horizontally) is chocolate brown softball cotton. It looks warm and yummy. I chose the colors in hopes of having some type of man-type scarf.

I was telling Tom this morning that it is "a man's scarf" and he looked at me as if I had a nose behind my ear (Hi Twitter friends).

"Well, maybe a "metro-sexual" man."

Tom looked at me as if I now had an ear on my nose.

"You mean a man that has sex while driving?"


Blogger's Note: I have rearranged the specifics of this story, Tom didn't really ask the question that way, but that is what he thought after I told him the definition. Don't be mad, honey!

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Meredith said...

The fact that Sam put photos around the fish tank is ADORABLE, what a great kid. As for the purse, my 2 cents is that it really looks great as it is, and I know you like putting accents on things, and unless you are in need of it as your "signature", I would say leave it accent-less, and see how it works out there on the market.