Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's Call Him Joey

I moved out of my parents' house somewhere between 1995 and 1996 (I have a feeling someone will correct me on that, my memory isn't so tight lately).

I stopped playing with dolls somewhere before that, lets just say 1984.

My mom just opened a box for my boys of my old stuffed animals, and this little guy, Joey. I have no idea what or if he had a name. What I do know is that I made him. I am going to guess that I was in middle school. We don't really recall.

This little fella is all hand sewn. What you can't see is the hat is alternating fabric of the stripe and solid red. The brim was made with a piece of corrugated box. The body and hands are made from pantyhose, suntan color, I presume.

What impressed me was the hand stitching, although not the cleanest, it has lasted and was fairly even. I also believe I made this without a pattern (you'll see as you scroll down). I was talking with my mom about it and thought for an instant that I could have seen a pattern on the At this time I was excited to make a formula on the computer to repeat my boyfriend's name on the first Apple computer ever made.

This is where the lack of pattern was confirmed. The cavity for the head/neck...toilet paper roll. Did I tell you this was a puppet?

This was about the time we started laughing, the knotted neck, the toilet paper. But what really got us giggling like we were crying...the body.

Although I don't think I will keep Joey, he sure was fun for a laugh and to see that I had been inspired long ago and that urge to create and not follow patterns is still strong.

Coming purses. The Polka Series.

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