Friday, December 7, 2007

Procrasti Nation

Potatoes need to be peeled.
Dining Room table needs to be uncovered ('discovered' would also work).
Toys need to be picked up.
This is much more fun.
Procrastinate. It means more to me than simple letters to form a nicely scored word in Scrabble. To me, it is the thrill of the time when you finally realize that it is time to begin and the power and thought and creativity that has built up inside, while procrastinating.
My parents couldn't possibly be more opposite when it comes to procrastination. My father, is King of Procrasti Nation. He is a wildlife watercolor artist ( and makes plans years in advance to display at a particular show. And, never fail, Wednesday night before they are to leave, Dad is framing or sometimes even blowing on the watercolor paper to get it to dry so that he can do the framing. My mother, on the other hand, can't stand being a citizen of Procrasti Nation. She is on the other side of the world. She will get things done months, weeks ahead just so it is done. She will have been packed three days ahead for this same trip. I admire them both. They are a good match in the Nation.
Tom only travels to Procrasti Nation occasionally. In fact, he has already washed the floors and cleaned the bathroom. I still have to peel the potatoes.
There are two main states of Procrasti Nation: Development and Disdain. My Dad is usually in the Development state, where he only waits to paint the night before the trip because he has needed that time to conceptualize the piece and work it out in his head, before the paper. And the Disdain State, is simply me not wanting to peel the potatoes.
Time to peel the potatoes.
* Picture Above: I made some Christmas stockings while in Chicago out of kitchen towels. We have been hanging them in our house since our first boy was born. Now that we are a family of four, (I must have procrastinated last year) I was searching for the other stockings I just didn't finish. They were in my Procrasti Nation box with a myriad of unfinished objects.
Maybe the potatoes can wait. I am sure I'll have time.

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