Wednesday, December 12, 2007


After four official days off from work, I thought I would be inspired to come up with an interesting blog topic. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time thinking about (see Procrasti Nation below) or working on Christmas gifts. In the spirit of my mom, I have most of our gifts wrapped, with exception to those requiring batteries, so, other than baking gluten free cookies, I am left with those last minute, handmade creations. Sam and I have been busy, but due to our small readership of this blog, I can't embellish at this moment (maybe after Captain Ho Ho comes to visit).

I have had this small, but constant, pull to get something on the loom. I was trying to remember the last project and I am ashamed to say I can't even count the years past. I will, however, never forget the project. With all good and loving intentions, it was a disaster. The woven fabric was beautiful - but what was created with it, well, I am pretty sure it hasn't seen the light of day. And that is fine by me, I learned my lesson. I am fairly sure that is why my Dad doesn't like to do commissions. I get it.

So, I have had some yarn for a project for approximately nine months. Last night, I set up in the kitchen: board and dowels, C clamps, assorted yarn, pattern counts and my favorite scissors. Working in the kitchen had a different vibe than my usual dining room set up. The first twenty passes (four yards each) was a little rough but brought on that 'feeling'. Getting back into the rhythm of sliding the yarn through my fingers from left to right and rocking my body to match the motion was utterly...nourishing.

I love this craft.
P.S. I peeled the potatoes that evening (see Procrasti Nation below). And, might I add, they were the best potatoes I have ever made. I tried to take pics for you all, but they didn't come out very appetizing with 1:30 a.m. lighting.

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