Friday, March 1, 2013

The Trip That Launched a Thousand Dreams

Last week, my husband and I woke our kids at six a.m. and took them to Florida.

We visited LegoLand and Walt Disney World.

We explored. We discovered. We ate.

We had meltdowns. We had timeouts. We had frustrations.

We laughed. We encouraged each other. And we celebrated our family.

It was the most amazing week we have had as a family, ever. You see, we've struggled. We have struggled with money and time and opportunity. After 13 years of marriage, lost jobs, relocations, two beautiful baby boys, a husband in college for a total career change, we finally had the opportunity.

And it was the best opportunity.

This trip has made me realize how important vacations are to one's well-being. This was the very first vacation (other than camping) that we have gone on as a family. Hotel life and eating out every meal is so rewarding. It rejuvenated me.

But now, I want more. The boys want more. Tom wants more, minus the airplane. He is much more relaxed in a car.

I have a thousand ideas of where to vacation next. It's important for us as individuals and as a family. It creates memories and ties us together.

Those thousand dreams start now.

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