Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Bracket

If you know anything about me, you know how I've never been a basketball fan. Neither professional, nor collegiate. I think it may be a Buffalo thing. We are more of a cold weather town with hockey and football being the sports of choice. It obviously has much to do with our lack of big name college basketball teams in the area and no major league basketball team in the area.

If basketball was the only thing on TV, the TV would turn off.

This all changed last year. At the office, we did a NCAA Basketball bracket on CBS Sports.

I was hooked. This year, without an "office", I made my own bracket and invited family to join.

It is now 11:24 pm on Sunday night and I'm SO tired, but I have to watch this game! After a disappointing Illinois loss to Miami, my hopes for a Duke win are high.

Frankly, I feel a bit ridiculous. Perhaps I will just go to bed.

Duke is ahead.

Sleep is important.

My bracket is too.




What happened to me?

Only a couple more minutes.

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