Tuesday, August 9, 2011


On Monday, upon picking up my boys from day camp, the counselor said, "Tomorrow is Twin Day".

Why O' why do I do this to myself?

My kids have matching clothes.  No problem.  We could figure something out.

No, not this momma.  Not this crazy momma.

And when I say crazy, I mean stay up all night to paint at 2:50 AM!

We thought Thing 1 and Thing 2 would be perfect.  I ran to the store and picked up some red t-shirts, white and black fabric paint.

But more on that later, because what is a Thing without blue hair?

Why it is a thing not at all.
Sally Beauty encouraged me to buy Shocking Blue temporary dye.

I sat the boys down, stained my white toilet seat, and gave my boys blue hair.
This momma doesn't need no girls...the boyz have the style!
And as my boys slumbered.

I painted.

And painted.

I used the ole' freezer paper method.  But then thought I'd just freehand the words with the black metallic paint I had.  Big old mistake.

I should not, would not, could not use that paint at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Hey, I did use that paint in the morning and it did not dry by 8 o'clock in the morning.

I should not, could not, would not send two Things to camp with wet shirts.

I did send two Things to camp with wet shirts.

They only wanted to play.  That is all those things wanted to do.


Dahara Dreaming said...

Still. You are the BEST mom EVER.

Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

Hysterical! BTW...you could have dried the paint with a hair dryer.

Carrie G said...

Thanks, Dahara! I hair dryer'd and fan'd the shirts before they went out the door. Still, much too wet to dry all the way through.