Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The boys just got back from a couple days camping at Letchworth without me.  All boys.

They had a great time, they are quite tired, as well.

I enjoyed what little time I had after I worked two days, cleaned up the house, scrubbed the tub, and drank some wine with my folks at a great Thai restaurant in our neighborhood.  I stayed up much too late last night watching Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.  Laughter and tears...just the way I like a good chick flick.

Coming off of those couple days of alone time, I realized that it's August. 

August.  The month right before September. 

Just over one month until the big yellow school bus takes my boys off for a year of learning (aka alone time!).  I have a love-hate relationship with summer.  Not being a big fan of oppressive heat and living in a non-air conditioned home, the thought of an 85 degree day makes me cringe.  Heck no, it makes me sweat, just thinking about being sticky and clammy.  I get anxious about my boys getting bored if they happen to be home one day while I'm working from home, it is somewhat of a challenge.

But then, September reminds me of packing lunches every day.  It reminds me of getting boys ready in the morning in time for that bus.  Boys that don't want to get up, no matter what time they went to bed the night before.

I have a couple trips with the boys on the calendar in August, bunch of birthday parties, maybe a couple visits to the pool and maybe even one day for myself.  Alone.

I feel a pattern forming.

It's important to be happy being alone, as long as you are more happy when surrounded by family.  Right?

September is coming....

(alone time)

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acorndreaming said...

I got the school information packet in the mail 2 days ago and cringed. I'm not ready for the school madness to start again. Car pool, packing lunches, homework battles, 504 meetings, emails to teachers, PTA - no, no, no, no. I want plug my ears and cover my eyes, so it won't come again so fast. I'm not ready.