Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebration Central

May 21st through July 7th is a rush of cupcakes and presents and treats and stress.

We have Tom's birthday, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Oscar's graduation from Pre-K, Sam's last week of school, Sam's birthday, Fourth of July and Oscar's Birthday. 

Yowser.  Being that I can barely keep my eyes open while crocheting yet another suction cup for an octopus bag I'm working on, I haven't stopped by this blog lately.  I miss it.

Here are some bad, late night, pictures of the bumblebee cupcakes I made for Oscar's birthday celebration at school.  They were fun, aside from the gluten free (I needed to eat this cupcake, minus the bee), nut free and artificial dye free.  I think I spent more time in the grocery store finding available items than I did baking and decorating.  The kids enjoyed them.

But then again, when does a child not like a cupcake?  I could have iced them with my fingers and they would have loved them.

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