Friday, December 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?

In true Chelsea Handler fashion..."What...a whirlwind!"

Have I beaten you over the head enough about the Buffalo Indie Market? Well, here is the recap of the events that surround that show.

Last you found me and my gals naming purses, making up soap and towel sets, stamping bags and 'sleeving' this little cuties:

Gift certificates available in my to the right on the etsy link

By Friday, I had succumbed to the notion that I wasn't going to get everything done. I still had blank purses and purses with no zippers and made the decision to stop thinking that I could still get it done. I packed a very small bag of projects that could be done between Friday night and Sunday morning, or even at the show if I was unfortunate enough to have the time. Then Friday and Saturday morning was cleaning and prepping for our Annual Thanksmas Party. Yes, totally crazy. In fact, so crazy that I cook for everyone and do not allow guests to bring food, mostly to ensure that I can eat every gluten free item safely and a little bit as a challenge. Women used to cook full meals all the time. I'm not a fan of the 'bring a dish to pass'. You are a guest in my house and I have invited you to dinner. Come, enjoy, let me sweat.

This was an unprecedented event. I was ready. The dishes were all cleaned, dishwasher empty, dips were in the oven, ice was ready, and the biggest amazement - I showered.

That sounds all well and good, but I did have a couple 'episodes' of complete desperation earlier in the day. I couldn't do it all, I still had all this other stuff to do for the show tomorrow and here I am picking up papers and toys cars and cutting potatoes. Crying, a bit of hyperventilating, then I shook myself out of it with "I don't have time to think" and was back to my warp speed of working.

It was a lovely evening, our 9th annual.

After folks left, I had a pile of wash towels to tie off and knot and hide the ends. Then I brought up most of my boxes and wrote a list. I don't remember what time I went to bed, but I do recall seeing a 2.

Early morning shower, a little food (chip dip, I think, oh, and cake) and my mom was here with the van. We loaded the van and were shocked to see that it was only 9:10 am. The venue didn't open until 10:00 am so we sat. And thought how bizarre it was that me, Carrie, was again ready. Just waiting. Unprecedented.

To the show: Our table was in a great location with a giant window behind us, loom to the right with my back to the customers so they could watch with a good view. Some folks watched at a distance since the loom bites. Some tried it out, little girls, big girls - no men. The men watched in awe though, I think they secretly wanted to try. After all it is a simple complex machine with gears and levers and wood and metal...guy stuff. Well, until you add the pretty yarn. One girl firmly thought she would break it. Then told me that she was six years old when I bought my loom. Cool, thanks.

It was a great event. I sold many purses and felt like an artist. I had some wash towels, some purses, some weavings and scarves. For the most part, the other artists were welcoming and kind and all a little bit silly crazy.

(are you still reading...this is long)

There was one vendor that sold some similar items and had visited my table prior to the show opening. She said I had nice things and walked away. I then thought I should check out my 'pseudo' competition. Her items were okay, I wasn't wow'd. But what did wow me was her blatant slamming of me.
'I can do everything, but I only brought my purses so as not to confuse the customers'
'Knitting is so much better than crochet, crochet is too loose and doesn't look good'
and that is the competition part of shows that I hate and tried to get away from. Luckily, I had other artists around that were community, not competition.

This is 'Blagojevich' and the price...$28 plus on Senate Seat....still available in the shop
Getting out, was a whole other story. One elevator, over 50 vendors and a couple musicians. We were third in line for the elevator with the loom. It was insane. After about 10 minutes with one person ahead, we decided to take the loom down the stairs. The loom collapses, so it is narrow, but still bulky and heavy. People followed our lead and instead of waiting for the elevator to carry down one plastic storage bin, they used the stairs. By the time we got the loom back in the van and made our way back to the stairs, there was a major traffic jam. Stairs were backed up, crazy. My arms were jello by the end of the packing up and moving out. Cherry jello.

This former name of Googly Eyed, now became Two Horned, One Eyed and Gorgeous...available in the shop
I made real on my dream of being an artist again. And to think, it all started with this little blog, about a year ago!

Many many thanks to those that came to support me, those that sent emails and convos and twitters and wrote on my Facebook Wall.

***Special thanks to Lisa G, Tom, Gretchen (next purse will don your name), Mom and Dad, Judy and Liz***

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lotta said...

I love reading the recap of your show. I recognize it all - from the frenzy getting ready to the snooty competitors. I am glad you did well! Happy holidays!