Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Show and Tell: or Proof that I am Creating

These are from my Cadet/Navy blue 100% cotton warp and weft. Two manly man (metrosexual) scarves and a little diddy leftover. The scarves are each 60 inches and the other piece is about 20 inches. Take 140 inches of weaving, plus 27 inches for spacing the fringe, plus 5 inches to get started for a total of 172 inches of weaving. Each inch taking approximately 6.2 minutes, yields 17.77 hours of weaving time. And that doesn't include the winding, the threading, and the rolling or the washing and tying off.
Now we know why weaving is so slow...
These will be available at the Buffalo Indie Market on Sunday, December 14th from 12-5pm at the Pearl Street Brewery in downtown Buffalo.
If they don't go to a good neck on that day, I'll list them in my shop on Monday, December 15th.

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