Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Class

My father and I took the "Nuts and Bolts" Photography class taught by Mary Frost at Campos Photography aka   This class was great.  We brought our cameras and our manuals and were taught a few simple techniques to get better photos out of our cameras.  It's amazing what a couple clicks can do for a photo.

I've fallen in love with my camera once again.

Our assignment was to shoot in Program Mode and adjust our light.  Couple clicks down and a couple clicks up.  But mostly, Mary taught us that if we take a photo, to always look at the histogram.  The black and white mountain graph.  If the black mountain climbs a wall, adjust your brightness.  Since last week, I rarely look at my photo, I'm mostly looking at the histogram.  This let's me know that I have captured all the information in the photograph and if I need or want to, I can edit the photo in software.

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