Friday, December 9, 2011

Our First Snowfall

We live in Buffalo.

Buffalo, NY.

The town with the bad rap when it comes to snowfall.  It is December 9th and this is our first snowfall of the year, aside from light flurries that melted before they hit the ground.

O was upset.  I had promised the grass would be covered by the time they got off the bus.  Alas, the weatherman was wrong...once again.  What a great job.  You can be wrong half the time and still be considered a good weatherperson.

These two boys are having fun, regardless of the amount on the ground.  They may have to move to the neighbors' yards for more snow, but that doesn't seem to matter much today.

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Jill said...

Sorry they were disappointed! We got plenty of snow, I had to brush probably 3 or maybe 4" off the car in the morning. Our front & back yards are still covered with a couple inches, & our driveway approach is a snowy icy mess.