Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Gift

Late Sunday evening.

I finished frosting the cut out cookies with natural food coloring so that all members of my family can enjoy. The yellow is great. The blue appears as a vibrant purple. The red is lovely. The green, well, we still need to figure out how to mix yellow with purple to make green, not brown.

My tree cookies match our real tree. We picked a dud tree. It hasn't taken in any water since we bought it over a week ago. Needles are falling and it's lush green is a little bit like mixing purple with yellow.

Shopping is done, baking is done, the wrapping is nearly done, and it feels good.
Just before I sat down, I was wrapping a homemade gift for Sam when I smiled. Earlier, I read a friend of mine was overjoyed with an early Christmas present. A present that is from a high end shop, one in which we could never afford, nor particularly want.

I smiled at the simplicity of the object I was wrapping.  Just a little hand crocheted and felted starfish in red.  The color and size and shape was very important to Sam.  I hope it is exactly as he imagined.

Here's hoping for a boy that is as overjoyed with this "yarny" as my friend was for her gift. 

Remember what your mother always said, "It's the thought that counts."

So as you rush around this week, take a moment to smile and find joy in something simple.

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