Thursday, April 21, 2011

When To Push...

...and when to cave.

Sam decided to try baseball this year.  Soccer wasn't for him.  Tennis was blah.  Fencing was boring.  Swimming, we won't go there.  Cub Scouts, eh.

Tom was a baseball kid.  Tom's dad was the coach.  Both my brother's played little league.  And that is what I want for my son.  I want him to enjoy the game.  Any game.  Just not "Guess Who? for ages 4 and up". 

I want him to learn teamwork.  Patience.  Find the will to work hard.  Desire.

He's had 4 practices, plenty of time with Tom in the yard.  He got a new mitt and he seemed to have found his niche.

Tonight, still in my pj's (I changed from pastel prints to black just in case) I dropped Sam off at practice.  It was cold and wet.  He complained.  I could see it in his demeanor as I spied from the parking lot. 

Then coach wanted to talk to me.  Outside of the car.  With un-brushed teeth.

"I just had surgery, can I have my husband call you?"

Coach briefly told me that Sam's attitude and words showed him that he doesn't want to be there.  He doesn't want to play. 

I'm crushed.  Surely the coach has no idea what we are dealing with, yet it shook me up.  Just when we thought we found an activity for him that doesn't revolve around 4 year olds or television, we are faced with a coach that says, "He doesn't want to be here, what do you want me to do?" all while throwing his hands in the air.

The words I fought to keep in my mouth were, "Hey, he has ADHD, can you give him a break?"

I asked Sam why Coach thought he didn't want to play.  He said, "It was cold out."

Cold?  Is that the only reason?  Buck up kid, we'll get your woollies for next week.

This child is quite the adventure in parenting.

I'm pushing this time.

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hometown girl said...

ah i'm sorry! but maybe just a little push he'll dig in. it is hard to get motivated when the weather is such a downer. i'm hoping once the sun shines he'll love being out there. hope you are feeling well. sounds like it's been a tough go. keep your chin up, always better times ahead! hugs, susan