Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Affirmation Project

Affirmation is a declaration that something is true (Wikipedia)
  • the practice of positive thinking in New Age terminology
  • a form of prayer that focuses on a positive outcome 
I'm feeling stuck in a rut.  A rut in which I have a calendar on my lap and am just waiting for the day I can flip the page and become one month closer to my ideal situation.

It comes to no surprise to anyone, including my employer, that I'm an artist.  I thrive on being creative.  If I can't be creative, I feel drained, unmotivated, and useless.

Working through these feelings, I've been trying to try different things.  I've learned mediation.  I've been listening to spiritual books on CD, I've had spiritual readings, I've explored auras and energy, I read a book on past lives, I've done massage and Reiki.  Last night, I took a Laugh Class.

In every instance, whether book, meditation, laugh class, they all believe in affirmations to get what you want.

The instructor in the Laugh Class mentioned a statistic that (I hope) has changed me.  80% of what we say about ourselves is negative.  80% is way too much.  How can we be positive and happy if we are beating ourselves up?  Other people beat me up enough, I don't need to add my own negative thoughts to my day.

I've done the Month of Gratitude.  I've done Thing a Day.  Both projects were enlightening and fulfilling.  
Now, I'm doing the Affirmation Project.  I hope that this project does the same.

Every day in May, I'm going to write one thing about me that is positive and one affirmation of something with a positive outcome.  You may join me in commenting with your own affirmation in the comments, or do the Affirmation Project on your own blog.

Let's stop beating ourselves up and start acknowledging all the amazing qualities we possess. 

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Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

As usual, I think I'm going to join you on this one. I think this is the most important one so far. It's strictly about the person...not just things. This is a great idea!