Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Future Has to Be Bright

I've had challenges of late.

Medical challenges.  So far, every single day off I've had this year has been spent either at the hospital with one of my boys, or myself or spent at a doctor's office.  It has started to get to me.

I can feel the frustration and helplessness creeping up in me and I try to push it down. Maybe that's why I've been eating so much lately.

Yesterday, blood draw for me and sick visit for the little guy, another ear infection.  And later this week, a hospital visit for me and my gallbladder.  Boy, I'll miss that little green thing.  It's strange to get something taken out that isn't causing daily pain, or any other pain aside from my ER visit  in February.

I have decided that my future will be bright. 

After this weekend, it's all sunshine and adorable little boys.

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