Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes a wedding is for family.

Sometimes it's for a spouse's coworker.

Sometimes it's your neighbors.

And then there is a wedding for a kid.

I met Jill when she was in high school.  She was and still is an amazing person.  I was her youth leader at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Buffalo.  If I correctly recall, she was a Freshman when I started and was able to go on all the trips and events.  The above picture was one of our best trips to New Hampshire for hiking and canoeing.  Driving a 15 passenger van in the curving roads in NH isn't the easiest and I have a poor little squirrel to show for it.  He didn't make it under the tires and I couldn't swerve in time.  The kids wrote a song about it.  But I digress.

I have found that kids with names that are extraordinary seem to do better in society.  It may not happen in high school with all the bullying, but I believe that a kid with an odd or unusual name needs to stick up for themselves more and becomes more assertive and steadfast.  They also can have a bit of humor.  My son, Oscar, was named differently or unusually because I love the name and I want him to be proud of who he is and to stand out.

Jill has a last name like that.  Jill Schliefer-Schneggenburger.  That is a mouth full.  We used to kid with Jill that she needed to marry a Schmitt.  Then we would sing the song, Jill Schliefer Schneggenburger Schmitt her name is my name too, whenever we'd go out, the people all would shout, there goes Jill Schliefer Schneggenburger Schmitt.

Oh, how I wanted to sing that song all day yesterday.

Jill is assertive and self assured, she has been through tragedy, struggles, joys and now love.  Yesterday, she married Joe Schoen.

Guess what people....Schoen can easily replace Schmitt!  The song shall go on!

But to my main point about Jill.  She wrote me a note 4 months ago asking if I could come to her wedding.  She wrote that I had influenced her life and been an important part of it.  I was flabbergasted.  Firstly, she hand wrote a note!  Secondly, I was a big part of her life?  I think it's sometimes hard for me to realize the impression I've left on someone.  This was amazing.  She is amazing.

So, back to the Jill Schliefer-Schneggenburger-Schoen.  I wanted to make her a quilt with their initial on the front.  Well, as you could guess, initials for Jill are a bit complex.  S would work, yet she is S-S.  I was fairly certain she wouldn't drop at least the Schliefer.  I emailed her and told her how honored I was to come to their wedding and what are you doing about your name?  She hinted that she may just add Schoen.  Wow.  That's a lot.  She and Joe came up with a little abbreviation for them J2S3.  Joe and Jill, and all the S last names.  Quite clever and totally expected from a doctor.  Did I mention Jill is a Doctor?  Amazing young lady.

So J2S3 was it.  I hoped it wasn't a catchy little diddy that would fade in a couple years.  But even the M&M's had J2S3 on them, so I was fairly certain we'd be good.

 It was a great wedding and lovely reception.  Coincidentally, the wedding and reception were at the same places that Tom and I celebrated our wedding, 11 years ago.

A beautiful day.

Eleven years ago, and yesterday.

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