Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prickly Sunshine

I've never been able to grow sunflowers.

Not sure why, they just never seemed to make it past 4 inches tall.

But this one.


A gift from my neighbor, I planted this in the "Golden" soil. I have a small spot next to the house facing East that has the sweetest soil. Annuals come back year after year, tomatoes grow like weeds and flowers are more colorful than the brightest rainbow.

Sunflowers will be in my future, for sure. And perhaps some note cards to savor through the winter months.


Jill said...

Beautiful, Carrie! We planted sunflower seeds probably 5yrs ago, & every year, they come back, because the squirrels & birds drop so many seeds from it. I always get some good pictures of it blooming, but now, the head is so heavy, it's just all drooped over. Looks very sad. We'll have to compare sunflower pics. :o)

josh healy said...

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