Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magnetic Chalkboard

A month ago, in bribery to get my kids to go to Lowe's with me, I told them we'd buy some chalkboard paint for their rooms.

After strolling the paint aisles three times, I asked the adorable 19 year old if they had chalkboard paint.

I was easily up sold (he was totally cute!) on the magnetic paint to go under the chalkboard paint. A wink or nudge could have gotten me to buy the dry erase paint, too. Yeah, to be 19 again!

Okay, where was eye? Oh, yes his eyes. I mean, no.

Where was I? Ah, yes, looking at my two children and sporting a new 'Mom' cut we bought a can of magnetic and a can of chalkboard paint.

And then it sat. And sat.

In an uncommon moment, Tom took the boys across the street to play and I was left home alone. I grabbed the painters tape, the level and a brush.

FIVE coats later, the magnetic seems to be magnetizing. I would highly suggest using the magnetic paint as soon as you get home from the paint store where they so kindly shake your paint for you. (That was so kind of my little 19 yr old, seriously, he shook my paint).

And there they sit. Only the magnetic paint, that doesn't really hold a decent magnet. I figure once I put the chalkboard paint on, it will be even less magnetic.

But you know what? It was fun to tape it up and slowly apply coat after coat after coat after coat after coat. It was relaxing and meditative.

I did enjoy painting, but I think the purchase may have been the most fun!


What I Did Today said...

Hahaha! Cute blog. I have yet to try the chalkboard paint. But after reading this post I will definitely pass on the magnetic paint. Now matter how cute the 19-year-old is. ;)

Anonymous said...

you are a dirty dirty old woman. no more hardware stores with you... and to think of those poor poor children. I am calling CFS (i have them on speed dial, as do my neighbors) :)