Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chalk at Night

Please take note of the feet and legs.

This is Big Boy.

I know, hard to believe that this is the child that eats McD's Chicken Nuggets with a fork and screams at a paint drip on his arm.

He never wants to be messy. BB got on his knees and worked this chalk like an artists works on canvas. Other than the smearing and blending, he reminded me of Jackson Pollack, throwing color onto the slate. As a side note, slate is the best surface for chalk (I know, obvious, yet if you can get your hands on a huge piece, put it in your yard, the kids will LOVE it).

And then there is Little Man. My four year old that surprises me every day.

This chalk drawing has thought bubbles. A four year old drew thought bubbles.

Perhaps he is reading too many comic books.

My apologies for flash know how much I dislike photos taken with a flash. It was late dusk when I took these and the non-flash photos just didn't work.

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