Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Rare Sock Monkey

I go through phases. I'll be interested in something, carry a torch for a certain hobby or collection. Then in three weeks I'm over it.

My son is the same way. Both of them, but especially Sam. My almost seven year old loves to collect thing. Strange things at times.


Rubber items.



Sock Monkeys.

I made a sock monkey from a kit 20 some years ago and both boys have claimed it as their own. He sleeps on the floor next to turtle. There was also a recently pilfered from my collection, sock monkey key chain.

Sam asked me to make him a sock monkey. Make you something? Of course, my child. I live to please you. But then, I succumbed. I even bought some long socks to make this easier.

But he wanted a "miniature" and "very very very rare" sock monkey. So, in the truest sense of the word, I got a sock out of my drawer that had a hole in it. It happened to be a sock with monkey's on it - go figure.

So here he is, the rarest miniature sock monkey monkey.

And I have two new pairs of tall socks!

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