Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mommy Day

Firstly, thanks for all your support last week. It was a rough one. I just (still) don't get why some people feel that instead of simply performing a task, they turn the tables and make it the most blown up issue. I just needed a document, that's all.

So, when Tom suggested that Big Boy and I have a Mommy day, I was all for it. My boys are great, they each have their own special ways and interests, but when they are together, like other siblings, they pick and fight and whine and scream and run (oh, the running). So a special day, out of the house with BB (or Little Man) is a welcomed treat.

Our Mommy Day started out with a crazy breakfast with Grandma for Mother's Day (avoiding the Sunday crowds). The food was good, but LM wanted to run. A tad frustrating, not sure I said a complete sentence to my mom that wasn't a question/request about LM. With full bellies, BB, my Mom and I went to a giant warehouse book sale and that was fun. We found some great treasures for birthdays to come. Then, we found a neighborhood garage sale, got BB some new sunglasses (we lose them so often), dropped off Grandma, had some lunch and went to a "Paint Out".

BB is proud of his Papa, a watercolor artist, and wants to be just like him. We found a little spot and sat down. BB is a little heavy with the brush, but he seemed to have a great time. He made four pictures, all having something interesting about them. I don't imagine BB being a huge athlete, but with his ukulele playing and now some interest in painting, maybe he will become one of those 'artsy-fartsy' kind of folk.

Kind of like me.
Hope you all had a very wonderful Mother's Day, as a daughter, as a son, as a mother or as a grandmother.
Welcome Baby Julia! Welcome to this world. Congratulations Bob and Deana!

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