Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green Apples and Pink Pears

In anticipation for "Apron Making 201", Gretchen found this fabric that we both adored. After looking for over an hour at fabric (I could have gone another hour), we decided that it was the robin's egg blue background that pulled this design together. We found some other great fabrics, too, which I will save for later.

I have someone in mind for this fabric. Someone super special. Hopefully this "Apron Making 201" class will be a little less instructive, and a little more productive on my end. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED teaching Gretchen how to sew, but it is nice to have something to look at and touch in the end.

This shopping trip, I found myself taking notice of the selvages on the fabric, trying to find the designer of the fabric. All this web browsing of blogs and fabric sites have me acknowledging that someone had to come up with the design and it probably wasn't a machine (at least in the concept). The selvages are quite interesting (even if this shot doesn't include the designer - bad photographer).

I think I need to go touch this fabric again. That reminds me of a 'thing' that Gretchen does when she is trying to choose accent fabric, specifically for a pocket. She takes her finger and 'draws' out the pocket, trying to visualize or finger stitch the pocket on. It is great, I laugh at her, but it really is great. She is touching the fabric in a creative way. I love it.

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