Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It Has Begun

The neighborhood pool has been open for six days and my boys have been there at least four times.

Although this looks lovely and relaxing, it didn't last.

It was a struggle getting there as Big Boy had a meltdown about his brother and friend not being "friends".  Then, it was a struggle leaving the pool as Big Boy refused to get up from his sunbathing pose.  

I had taken out ground turkey this morning to thaw for tacos, one of their favorite dinners.  On the way home, I was told, "Here is the deal: we are having pizza, not tacos and we will have pizza tomorrow night and Saturday and Sunday.  I promise I will listen to you the first or second time you ask and will I still get Skylanders for my birthday if I'm good?"

How did this happen?  Where did my inquisitive, cute, kind little boys go?  

They got into a fight within ten minutes of returning home, capped with a round of door slamming.

The deal making needs to stop.  The demands need to stop.  The begging needs to stop.

We (I) need caring, compassion, consideration.  

I'd like this to be aimed at me, but I'd take a little showing towards others, too.

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