Thursday, March 17, 2011

AHA Moment (with Pancakes)

 Pancakes are clearly my favorite breakfast food.

Hands down.

Since going gluten free (8 years!) I've been searching for the perfect pancake.  I'm almost there.  These had the best flavor yet.  They are the mix from NutsOnline.  This webstore is my new favorite outlet for gluten free flours, mixes, and fun stuff.  The family that runs this is fun! and funny!  I love that personal side of a webstore that you usually don't get.  And super fast shipping.

That is all great, but what I smacked my head and called myself silly was my 'AHA' moment.  My kids aren't all that great with cutting their own pancakes.  And it drives me batty.  It's a selfish thing.  I want hot cakes.  Not cold cakes.

...introducing our super duper pancake chopper!  It's our pizza cutter.  Just a simple plastic wheel in a housing that prevents little fingers from getting cut, but cutting the hot cake.

Why didn't I think of this before?

Hot Cakes for me and my boys.


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