Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Season

 I have been enjoying my time away from work and my blog.  It's nice to not feel any daily pressure to get things done.  Yesterday we stayed in our pj's all day.  I did take a shower, and put on clean pajamas.  It was fantastic.

My boys had mixed emotions about the Christmas Pageant this year.  I'm not sure they will take part next year.  Little Man, was the cutest most lovely boy angel I have ever seen.  He didn't want to wear my white shirt as his costume, but never complained about the headband/halo or the fairy-like wings.

Big Boy on the other hand...let's just say his costume was an unfortunate size for him.  He really is one tall boy.  The hat was more like a yarmulke.  After I snapped this photo I heard, "Stop it Mom".

And the folks in two row radius also heard my adoring son.

Although Christmas Pageants aren't BN's cup of tea, gems are.

I didn't need to do any adjusting on this photo above...my new flash is the most wonderful piece of equipment.  I love it!

I have been working on some cute little boy hats, a scarf for an old high school/church friend, and hope to clean the fish tank and my bedroom in the next couple days.  Oh, as promised, here is one more star/snowflake that I made in between my blogging absence, it's a little large, but it is very pretty.

All of us here at WeaverGirlGuz (me) wish you the happiest New Year!

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