Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coffee Filter Snow Ball Tutorial

 Love these puffs of stuff. 

Here I will show you how I did it.
Step One:  You can use Styrofoam balls, but since I didn't have any, I crumpled a stretch of yarn (two ends to create loop of yarn) into aluminum foil.  I found that adding two scrunched filters inside the foil made a bigger ball, and an easier base for attaching the folded filters.
Step Two:  Separate a whole mess of filters and fold them in half, then half again.  You can roll them or fold funky, it really doesn't matter.  Since I was making a bunch of these, I found it easiest to make my folds, then twist the bottom (where my fingers are in the above picture) so the folds stayed together, and keep folding. Once I had 20 or so folded, I would cut off the point and twist.  I was cutting basically where the ripples start on the filter.
Step Three:  Don't even try regular should use the glue gun.  Really.  While holding your yarn, add glue to the area right around where the yarn comes out of the foil ball.  Place your first cut filter on end into that glue.  Continue adding glue and filters.  Place close together, but don't go crazy...the foil showing through is kind of nice, a little glitz.
Step Five:  When you are done, you will have a ball that you think looks wonky.  Pull out your scissors, stand over the garbage can and trim.  It's amazing how great it will look after it's haircut.

Go ahead, try it!  It's fun.  I made five in 2-3 hours.

Stay tuned...I'm going to share another snowy craft...a new take on an old favorite.

Oh, Step Four...that's pour yourself some coffee or crack open a cold'll be more fun that way.

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hometown girl said...

cute! nice day today! susan