Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I'm Reading

Tom and I are reading this. It is our new bathroom book. I got it for Christmas and since I'm not much of a reader, the bathroom is the best place for me (I'm sure I'm not alone finding the most quiet, uninterrupted time in this room).

This isn't a cookbook, it's more of a coming to life book. The author, Shauna James Ahern struggled to find food that gave her life. For many Celiacs, life before diagnosis is often hellish. Not knowing what the cause of discomfort is, many would eat simple things to settle our stomachs: white bread or crackers.

What drew me to Shauna, is not only our common ground in Celiac, but her writing is beautiful. The words flow like the perfect stream, unpretentious.

I'm also kind of a groupie (some may say "stalker"). I follow Shauna's blog, comment with her on Twitter and dream of the day I can visit the restaurant where her husband, The Chef, takes care of patrons with Celiac in the most confident of ways.

I'm not sure how far ahead Tom is in the book, but I'm barely through the first half and would highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys eating, cooking, and touching food.

You can find this book Available Here


Meredith said...

Where is Shauna's restaurant?

Carrie G said...

Her husband works at a restaurant on an island near Seattle (don't see a visit happening anytime soon!)

Here is the link to her post about the restaurant: