Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Great American Dust Bunny

My pal, Lisa, at Polka Dot Cottage once took before and after pictures of a cleaning task she performed. I thought it would be very gratifying. And it was, great idea Lisa.

I cleaned Big Boy's room first, forgetting the before picture. BB moved his bed away from the wall and in true copy cat fashion, Little Man requested the same. BB's room, although worse in clutter, took much less time due to the closet. I kept the door closed. Didn't even go in.

LM's closet used to be my closet. It had lots of craft supplies and books and fabric. Also contained 3 boxes of books and pictures that we never opened from our move back to Buffalo. Well, we looked at it, and thought, ugh, not another box of crap. So, there it stayed. Until yesterday.
I stuffed two large black garbage bags just from their rooms and this closet. It feels really good to let some stuff go (see my Facebook pics for some of the book loot).

Now, if I could only clean my own room like this.

Not today.

Maybe when my back and thighs have forgiven me for yesterday.


Meredith said...

Oscar's room has changed! I remember when there was a crib in that room :-)

Carrie G said...

Seems like it was just yesterday...although it didn't seem so, this was a big move, moving the bed from against the wall.

time for a visit Auntie M!