Friday, October 23, 2009

The Real Farm

I lived on a farm for two years when I was in first and second grades. I loved living on that farm.
We didn't have a large variety of animals. Chickens, ducks, maybe a rabbit or two. The chickens for sure, I was the egg collector. I loved that job.

Every Autumn, I gather the kids to take them to a pumpkin farm. This year, we went to a real farm, instead of the overpriced suck-you-and-your-money-in farm. I'm so glad I did.

If I only knew that the Kelkenberg farm, just a couple miles away, had two angora goats, I would have used them as my reference for the two goat bags I did. Love this picture with the rooster.

My boys love animals. And I can see the wheels and eyelashes getting ready to spin and bat for a pet other than our bad luck fish.
The Chicago City girl of years past is slowly fading and the Farm girl is inching back. I felt so at home on the farm.
Maybe, someday.


Jill said...

Great pictures, Carrie. I vaguely remember visiting you guys when you lived on that farm.

Carrie G said...

Jill - I was in first and second grade, and I barely remember. All I have are these precious snippets of memories. As in a set of three photographs that run together like a flip book.