Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Goats

These little goats are in a box, all packed firmly, waiting to be opened. I hope Patti in Texas enjoys them.
I've signed up to do a Girls Night Out to benefit Crisis Services this Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hearing comments about these monsters, instead of reading comments. It will be nice to get out. GG's Cookies will be my table neighbor, as well as Spoonbender Arts.
The following day, the unsold Monster Bags will be photographed and listed on Etsy. It's been a long time for a new, unclaimed purse to make it's way there. I am enjoying the custom requests, but it's nice to make the monster from my imagination without borders.
Does the blog look different? My brother suggested I change the background of my blog. I enjoyed the crispness of the black, but perhaps it was just too much. I can't get the header to fit nicely into the box, nor can I find where to eliminate the box. Bear with me... Also can't attach a new link.
Final vacuum of my nose today...can't wait to stop the saline. The salt taste sits in the back of my throat and tongue. Just plain gross.

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