Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frank or Snaggle or Vampaggle?

Fresh out of the washer. This is my first attempt at a mouth. The detailing in the lips are totally lost after felting. I'll try that again, though. I love the bottom lip! The ears came out nicely, too.
This is the first machine knit base that I did. I have been challenged by this AS Seen on TV product. I only frogged this red base 3 times. The biggest problem is that when knitting, it is so loud! If my kids were making the same sound I'd have stopped them after the first minute. Everyone complains about the noise. So, I set it up at night and at my lunch, I run to the table and crank it out, still having time for lunch, it is so fast.
I have learned that knit shrinks much more than crochet, but takes less yarn. Go figure. I have a mustard yellow piece that will become the next monster...growth begins tonight!
Hopefully, I will be able to list both (Olistrum below) of these tomorrow.
Update: Olistrum is moving away, he packed hiself and he is leaving for greener grass. Frank is having some issues...after he was fully dry, he couldn't keep himself steady. I need to fix-remake-reinvent the way he is carried.

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