Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Assembly Line

Nameless Nellie

Wash My Cloth is perhaps headed in a different direction. One not planned or seen a year ago, or even eight months ago. The monster purse business seems to be an untapped market. Who would have thought that such a varied array of customers would appreciate a monster on his/her (I don't discriminate) shoulder? I have been concentrating on the monsters as nothing else seems to be moving out of the shop. Since each bag is made by hand crocheting, each purse can take up to 10 hours just to create the bag itself, without the personality of a face.

Etsy.com (please shop there!) has a section called 'Custom' where one can request a special item from an Etsy seller, imagine them as want ads. I placed an ad for a couple swatches of Machine Knitted wool. This gal bid, I accepted, and she had the swatches done in a matter of an afternoon - amazing. I am considering purchasing a machine to create the base of the bag. I estimate that this purchase could cut down my production time to nearly a quarter of the current time it takes me to create the base.

I have my fingers crossed that when I test these swatches, they work with my technique perfectly. I'd be happy to accept other fingers and toes crossed, if you don't mind.

Am I cheating if I use a machine to do the dull part?


Jill said...

You should do it! When I got my hair done the other day, my hairdresser was showing everyone my purse (I gave her a card) & everyone loved it. Nobody else is doing anything like it, so grab your opportunity!

Nellie is a cutie, but I've still got my "eye" on Roger. ;o)

Meredith said...

No way is it cheating - they are in demand, so strike while the iron is HOT, and your monster bags are HOT!

Samantha said...

I don't think it's cheating, you are still starting with a skein of yarn...And they are soooo cute!

Carrie G said...

Thanks for your support! Each one of you fine ladies!

I am currently bidding on a Knitting Machine at eBay...my test came out beautifully!