Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Handed Momma

The morning after Little Man was born, he was in my arms while I was buttering my gluten free toast. I should have realized that my days of two usable arms and hands were over. Big Boy, now 4 and a half, wasn't the same. Although he loved to snuggle, I don't remember doing things while holding him. I guess the difference now is that I choose to still do tasks and not just sit and hold the baby.
Today, I cut a banana for LM and took out the garbage - all one handed.
One thing I can't do one-handed, is crochet. Crochet has become my new love. My favorite thing about my childrens' bedtime, is the hour I get after it to crochet and watch 'adult' programs on tv (reality tv included). I hope to bring you pics and more stories of my love for yarn and my two boys.

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Carrie G said...

My mom added my "Most One-Handed Moment" should be my ability to drive AND feed my baby a bottle in the backseat at the same time. I am leaving this as a comment because I am pretty sure it breaks a bunch of laws. And 'they' think driving while talking on a cell phone is bad!