Saturday, November 4, 2017

El Doggo and the Toad

If you haven't guessed yet, I love my dog.

This goldendoodle is the coolest, kindest, most playful dog around (in my humble opinion).  And sometimes, a bit salty.

If she barks, it's usually because she wants to play.  This play is not limited to people.

She enjoys leaves, squirrels, passersby, empty water bottles, our kind neighbor and toads.

She loves a good toad.

We found one yesterday.

I'm not sure how she expects to play with this poor guy.  It was so frightened and perfectly still.  After I got a couple shots, I had to lead her inside by the collar in hopes of not leaving the toad with a lifetime of toad therapy.

This photo represents Millie wholeheartedly.  Drool and all.
The nose drip is fantastic.  She has licked a frog once, I'm guessing she remembered the unpleasantness.  

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