Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Camper, the Ear and the Pup

I've been distant.

I've been wrapped up in other things that keep me away from my computer and photographs.

Here's a recap and random thoughts:

1.  A pop up camper is a really cool hideout for kids, unless it's closed, and then it's a real big pain for parents' ears..."you will open the camper tonight, or else!"

2.  Playing in the dirt is so much fun, until the poison ivy on your hands scratches the open sore on you neck.

2.a.  Antibiotics help an ear that is swollen twice the size and red and floppy, however, antibiotics with food coloring make boy crazy.

2.b.  Sometimes, a cold beer is the best medicine for Mom.

3.  Vertigo sucks.

4.  A puppy is a wonderful addition to any house, just use lots of air freshener.

4.a.  A puppy is a lot of work.

5.  Blogging makes me feel normal, again.

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