Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Third Day of Homework Heaven

Yes, you heard me, Heaven.

Not sure what is happening, but I needed to document this one. Yesterday, Big Boy came home from school and got his homework out with me only asking ONCE!

Once. For Big Boy. And his homework.

This is huge, my friends. This boy of mine doesn't usually "hear" me the first three times I ask for something like this.

Then, today, I picked them up from school and we came directly to the library.

Big Boy would have done his homework right away, but I forgot to bring pencils. I found one in my bag. Little Man completed his, then passed the pencil on to his brother. All homework was completed in mere minutes.

If you are having troubles getting your child to do their homework, have them try it directly after school, with a snack. I used to believe that Big Boy needed a break from being in school all day long. Not so.

He is still in the 'work' mode as he comes home, if he moves to the 'play' mode, we're done for. That is 100% chance of Homework Hell.

I must note, that since I've written this down publicly, tomorrow will suck. But that's okay, I'm ready for it. It's my life and I have learned that it's one giant roller coaster.

They have collected eleven Goosebumps Horrorland books and are reading away. It's so peaceful and quiet here, I wish I could take a nap!

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