Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C 2 5K

A little less computer, a little more family.
A little less crafting, a little more exercise.
A little less couch, a little more running.

My brother is an Ironman.
My sister in law is an Ironman.

I'm going to be a 5K'r.

I know, not quite the same, but a girl has to set some goals.

Following the Couch to 5K plan at Coolrunnings.com is the only plan that has worked for me. I'm not a runner. In fact, not much of a biker, either.

I love to bike slowly on my cruiser, I like to walk through woods taking more pictures than steps.

I signed up to run a 5K on my 39th Birthday. I'm pretty excited about it, especially right now. I just did day one of week four on the C25K plan. First day of new week is always the best.

But I'm mostly excited to run with my little brother. He has been such a great support through this. Encouraging me from miles away.

And on my birthday, he'll encourage me from an arm's length away.

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