Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Blog,

You sit there waiting. Hoping for something new to display.

I have so much running through my head, yet can't put anything worthy into words.

School has started and so my taxi service is in full swing; work is work; kids are, well being boys with all the potty words and craziness; and me, well, I'm trying to keep it all together.

I keep counting the days. Whether it be counting until the weekend, or until my next trip to Chicago, or until my sinus surgery, or to my next art show, and when days are rough, I count the days until I can retire. And when I mean retire, it really isn't to lay around eating bon-bons. It is to finally do the things during the day that my soul needs to do so that I can be fresh and happy for my kids as they get off the bus. Retirement is 32 Months, 21 days, if you are counting along. Months seem so much shorter than 'just under 3 yrs'.

There was a goal a couple posts prior to this. Your update is that one purse is finished, sold and received (Thanks Bonnie and Jill!), and the two other bags are in the works. I had to dye my own yarn for the eyes. I was looking for an amber color and was coming up empty at all the yarn shops. It looks great, yet once it is washed, I hope it retains its color. I have a couple test swatches to go in the washer soon. Working on two similar bags at the same time is rough, it just seems to take quite some time to get all the parts completed. I still have two snouts, half a strap and four pupils to go. After that, I'm only half way. These are two angora goat purses and the angora didn't enjoy the washing machine, so it will either be needle felted after bag felting or hand sewn in (please, no!).

Although I love a challenge, this one has proved to be an extreme challenge.

But, without a challenge, what would I do. Who would I be. How would I grow.

I wouldn't grow. I'd be bored. And I'd look for a challenge.

So, thank you blog. Thank you for begging for some text. You just helped me.


P.S. I know, I know, the banner says Spring 2009. Suck it.

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