Saturday, August 22, 2009

Julie and Julia - The Project

I had a lovely night out with my girlfriends the other day. We went out for a quick dinner and to see the movie about the JulieJulia Project. The movie was delightful. We laughed quite a bit, shunned at the ground meat inside a de-boned duck inside pastry, and I had another issue.

We settled into our seats with our $4.50 Diet Cokes and a $4.25 bottle of water. Out of my purse came a fresh bag of Dark Chocolate Raisinettes. Oh yum. It's the candy that makes you feel less guilty because you're eating raisins. And then came my 'issue'. The smell of the soap from the theatre bathroom was disgusting. It was a medicinal smell gone sour. I fondly referred to it as 'medical waste' smell, although I'm quite sure I've never smelled medical waste.

Despite my pending sinus issues with blocked airways, I have a keen sense of smell. And every time I brought those delectable raisins to my mouth, the medical waste smell accompanied it. Gross. I couldn't go wash my hands, I didn't bring my own soap. So, out of my purse came a pack of gum. A fruit type gum that the girls wouldn't even try, some coconut pineapple thing (like Fruit Stripe gum that doesn't lose it's flavor), which I rubbed on my hands. Anything to reduce that odor. I thought it worked, but not so much. I had to stop eating. But I digress.

The reason for this post (maybe I have ADD, can't ever focus on one thought here), is the Project. The blogging, the devotion that Julie had to see the project to the end and to not quit. More specifically to have a deadline. Without deadlines, things get set aside, the importance is lessened for projects without a deadline.

I can't tell you how many projects I have in different stages of completion. This is another project I hope to complete - perhaps next year. Right now, my project is to complete three purses in two weeks. One is mostly done, less the facial features and the other two are painfully slow conceptually. I have to get these done, so that I can make purses to sell this holiday season. No more falling asleep on the couch. No more putting it off.

3 purses; 14 days. Drying time doesn't count. They have to be in the washing machine by September 5th.

Hold me to it, Mr. Blog, you are the only thing that seems to work.

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