Thursday, July 9, 2009

Woe is Me

Sitting at my desk. Attempting to work.

Laughing because it is impossible.

Last week, I developed a case of vertigo. The timing was terrible, I was getting ready to host a baby shower at my home and needed to clean and make the gift. If you've read any of the blog, you will know that procrastination is my middle name. I needed two nights to complete the gift, another three or four to have a house in the shape I wanted.

Vertigo sucks. That cut me down to three nights total. So, I decided that the gift will come a bit late, no big deal. She will understand. I used the motion sickness patch to combat the dizziness and reaped the full benefit of the warning: May cause blurriness. Yup, I was holding small print an arm's length away just to focus. I was removing my glasses to dial the phone.

The Friday before the shower I talked with the special person with child. I couldn't have her open a box of fabric scraps and thread. So, that night I cut the pattern. After the fireworks on Saturday, I sewed up a nappy bag. I went to bed at 3:13 am.

The shower went off without a hitch, luckily no one went outside to view my weed garden. One point for me.

The patch was itchy. I scratched. I didn't wash my hands after every itch. Missed the warning: Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling the patch, may cause dilation of eyes. Minus one point for me. Vision is now blurry AND I can't see because everything appears as a 100 watt bulb. Sunglasses at night, for me.

So, today my vision is getting better, still dilated, but at least they are equally dilated. Get both boys out of the house so I can focus on work. Reports are due. Phone keeps ringing, clients asking for "that report you ran 6 months ago". Slow computer.

Then I finally get on a roll and the painters are painting my front door. With the door open. First scraping. Then sanding. Now painting. With the music.

Classic rock. Come sail away, Come sail away, come sail away with me......


Woe is me.

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