Thursday, March 27, 2008

Being a Mom

I have been filling out kindergarten forms and calling the doctor for immunization records and making sure the kids are healthy and trying new discipline strategies and working on sharing and encouraging kind words and not allowing baby talk and explaining why washing hands is important and not spitting and all the rest of those 'rules'.

We all know motherhood is a lot of work and it seems like a lot of reminding and persuasion and teaching (or lecturing, if you happen to be on the receiving end). That is being a mother.

What I really enjoy is the Mom part. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a mom. I don't think I ever said I wanted to be a mother. It was mom. To me, the mom was the fun, cool mom that did creative projects with her kids and took them for walks and bike rides and playgrounds. The mom had kind, thoughtful, creative kids that wanted to do all those things with her. I love when kids get an idea in their head and there is absolutely no way to squelch it. I try to bring the idea down to something a little more realistic. "That's a great idea, but maybe not so big, after all, you should be able to lift it and play with it."

Big Boy had one of those. Last Friday night. "Mom, can you yarn me a car?"


Not quite: A purple car, with eyes and a smile and a tailpipe and windows and a number on both sides and headlights and stickers and a license plate. And then you can make her twin, so Little Man can play, too.

How could I deny my creative little one that loves his Mom? That is what a mom does.

And this is what I did:


Meredith said...

Wow, you can sell those cars on your website. Kids cars, diaper bags, sponge candy...what can't you do? Sammy and O are lucky to have you as their Mom and Mother.

Kelly said...

That's awesome!! My godson would go head-over-heels for it. I found your blog through Simply Stork, and it's great! One of my good friends is gluten-free, as well, for her family, so it was neat to see that here, too.

Have a blessed Thursday!